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Motor Fleet

Assisting in Lowering Premiums

If your business utilises multiple vehicles, motor fleet insurance can be a beneficial option.
This policy operates similarly to standard car insurance, allowing you to choose from different levels of coverage, including comprehensive, third party, fire & theft, and third party only. Under one policy, we can accommodate the majority of company-owned vehicle fleets, starting from a minimum of two vehicles. This includes private cars, commercial vehicles, vans, and motorcycles.

Our specialised advisors collaborate with you to understand your vehicle usage patterns, considering factors such as location and frequency. Based on this information, we will procure a policy that covers all of your vehicles.

The advantage of this type of coverage is the simplified management of your vehicle fleet insurance. Instead of handling and maintaining individual policies for each vehicle, having a fleet policy streamlines the process.

This can save your business valuable time and money in the long run, while also providing a single point of contact in the event of a claim. 

Key Benefits:

If you have an existing fleet policy approaching renewal and would like an alternative quote, please reach out to us with a vehicle list and confirmed claims experience

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