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Directors & Officers

Safeguarding your senior leadership with unwavering protection

Directors & Officers (D&O) Insurance offers a crucial shield for your esteemed management team, shielding them from potential claims arising from alleged negligent or wrongful acts. In the world of business, mistakes can occur, but not every error carries the same weight. Senior staff members often bear the brunt of responsibility when they falter in their duties. At Powell Commercial Insurance Brokers, we understand the intricacies of directorial obligations, governed by strict regulations, policies, and laws. Even seemingly minor decisions can trigger a chain reaction of consequences.

Wrongful acts can encompass various areas, such as neglect, breach of duty or trust, misleading statements, and wrongful trading, among others.

Our comprehensive coverage can provide a safeguard for your senior staff, protecting them against claims made by regulators, shareholders, investors, or creditors stemming from such errors.

In the event of a claim against a director or officer, the company itself is seldom held accountable. Instead, the individuals themselves bear the brunt of financial and personal ramifications. By securing the appropriate coverage, your directors and officers can mitigate the risks they face. Without adequate protection, they may face dire consequences, including dismissal, disqualification from future roles, civil litigation, and even criminal prosecution, potentially resulting in substantial fines and imprisonment.

Key Benefits:

At Powell Commercial Insurance Brokers, we stand ready to shield your senior management, offering steadfast support and comprehensive coverage.

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