Wholesale and Distribution: Are You Protected When On The Move?

The start of 2014 has welcomed us with an abundance of wet weather. While most of the country has escaped relatively unscathed, some parts of the UK, particularly in the south west, have suffered enormously, with flood and storm damage costing thousands of pounds, not to mention the inconvenience for many people of power failure in their homes.

A recent article by The Insurance Times states that shops and businesses in high-risk areas may be forced to cease trading because of the recent damages. This is not only due to loss of electricity or damage to the actual retail properties, but is also caused when wholesale and distribution companies are prevented from delivering goods by the adverse weather conditions.

That is why if you are operating in the wholesale and distribution trade, it is essential to be fully insured, whether it be your own goods you are transporting or contracted goods between yourself and couriers or freight forwarders.

At Powells, we can accommodate for a wide range of Goods in Transit and Marine Cargo policies, covering assets against loss or damage while in transit, whether it be for a single contracted journey or multiple business activities. Whether you are delivering goods or simply storing them during a journey, we can tailor the policy specifically to make sure your assets are protected, be it abroad or within the UK.

Our country's unpredictable weather means that we often have to deal with the unexpected. Save yourself the hassle and cost of not being adequately covered if you work in the distribution trade. Call us today and get the right policy to protect your assets when on the move.