The Benefits Of Local Insurance Brokers

There have been some seismic shifts in the insurance industry so far in 2014.

Some of the largest brokers on the planet have bought into a host of the UK’s biggest insurance intermediaries, shifting the goalposts for a vast proportion of individuals and businesses that require wide-ranging insurance coverage.

Whilst there are obvious benefits to having a non-local, powerhouse of a broker looking after your insurance account, the drawbacks are also plentiful.

That’s why opting for a local, independent broker is becoming an increasingly attractive proposition in a landscape currently rife with commanding, but ambling broking giants.

The personal touch is a feature valued by the majority of clients, regardless of the type of policy and the revenue a business generates. For some of the powerhouses in the industry, SME business can take something of a back seat, with their priorities geared towards capturing sizeable, corporate risks. This is something we touched upon here, in our previous blog.

To sit down regularly with a familiar face, discuss ongoing issues and to have someone reliable to offer immediate, tailored advice are services that local brokers provide as standard.

The neighbourhood knowledge and communal nous they have is an invaluable commodity, too. Local brokers liaise and network with a plethora of different businesses and individuals, ascertaining helpful information that is easily transferable to clients and other contacts throughout the region.

Whilst placing your business with a broking giant could be a cheaper, clinical and impersonal process, policies can become engulfed bya mass of cases. Subsequently,you can be left dealing with different account handlers, account executives and even various offices across the country.

So clients whose business model does not necessarily comply with the broking juggernauts’ blueprint can often find themselves treading water when it comes to the fulfilment of their insurance requirements.

But with local firms comes a sense of unshakeable reliability. Not to mention a reassurance that you’ll be dealing with a familiar face, you’ll be dealing with a longstanding, well-established company and you’ll be dealing with brokers who have a tight grasp on the goings-on within the local community.

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