Steering Clamps: The Best Way To Keep Your Luxury Car Safe From Thieves?

Sometimes, you simply can't beat a traditional method. While the world struggles to keep up with itself when it comes to technological advancements, age-old theories are often rendered outdated, ineffective and consigned to history. But some of them deserve some serious consideration before they are cast aside.

We've all seen a steering clamp. They might not be easy on the eye, they might not be the fanciest piece of kit and they might not be used by many modern day motorists. But according to recent correspondence distributed by the Metropolitan Police, they're still one of the most effective deterrents when it comes to car thieves.

Per Richard Spillett of the Daily Mail, police are encouraging drivers to dig out their steering clamp, which rose to prominence in the 80s and 90s, and get them back in use. Why? Because manipulative car thieves have discovered ways of springing the computer security systems that are in place on a host of luxury modern day vehicles.

So much so, that local police forces in affluent areas like Kensington and Chelsea have sent out letters to drivers encouraging them to take extra caution when it comes to protecting their vehicles. A section of the letter read:

"Expensive vehicles, including Range Rovers, Land Rovers and BMW X5 series and X6 series, in particular have been targeted

Having gained access, any vehicle security systems have been bypassed and the vehicle in most cases driven away.

It is recommended therefore that you consider additional means of securing your vehicle such as through the use of a simple steering wheel or gear stick lock, which are effective in preventing theft of your vehicle".

Naturally, owners of these kinds of luxury vehicles will point the finger at manufacturers. After all, how can it be so easy for thieves to beat top of the range security systems that have cost substantial amounts to build? Systems that motorists would have paid a premium for themselves.

Land Rover were quick to issue a statement claiming that their specifications "meet the insurance industry requirements", but that they have taken the recent jolt in thefts "very seriously" and that this is an "industry-wide" problem.

So if you're a luxury car owner, be careful to take extra vigilance when it comes to the security of your vehicle. And if you've still got it stuffed in a box under the stairs or buried beneath a pile of junk in the boot, why not give your steering clamp a second chance?