Service Tops Price In Policyholder Survey

A survey conducted by the market research company Consumer Intelligence has shown that clients place customer service ahead of price when it comes to their insurance requirements.

The results published in the Insurance Times demonstrates that consumers are happy put service and peace of mind ahead of premium, with policyholders seemingly willing to pay a little bit more for a personal touch and rounded insurance process.

The survey also shows that half of customers would prefer to have all of their insurance policies through one provider, clearly indicating that loyalty amongst the customer base remains despite the emerge of fast-track, cheap policies.

Brokers will naturally be delighted by this results of this particular sample, especially when the current market is centred around getting the cheapest possible price, with the ends ultimately justifying the means. The benefits of a local, approachable insurance intermediary are still clearly valued by consumers though, something we touched upon in an earlier blog post.

Customers taking part in the service also suggested that they would like to see a bit more personability when discussing their insurance requirements, with 14% stating that’s the main area in which improvements are needed to be made, level with UK call centres.

If a client doesn’t receive an authentic service from their broker, then going online and cutting out the middle man is understandable. But brokers can add value for money by providing considered advice tailored to the demands and needs a clients insurance requirements.
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