Putting the “Proper” back into Property Owners

Are you considering investing in property during 2014? Do you find that you are attracted to the profitability side of business but find the insurance aspects slightly overwhelming? Allow us to step in. We are experienced in dealing with a wide range of property owners and tailoring insurance policies to meet various requirements, whether you let a property to students, professionals, assylum seekers or if you are just starting out and getting to grips with your new investment. 

With all our policies, building cover and property owners' liability cover is a standard feature, so you can relax in the knowledge that as a new landlord, your potential exposure to liability claims is fully protected. Another solution Powells can offer for your convenience is that we consolidate everything onto one policy with a common renewal date, rather than you having to deal with multiple dates and policies, which can be stressful and not to mention time-consuming.

We also undertake annual reviews for all our clients, so if your tenant type changes or the property should become unoccupied, we can simply amend your policy to suit. Landlords, particularly those who let property to students, often find the insurance process extremely time-consuming and frustrating. Through partnership with ourselves, we eliminate this lengthy process to make sure that the experience is straight-forward and more productive for all parties involved.

Buying-to-let is still one of the most popular investments nationally, with rates still considerably lower now than in the years prior to 2008. If you have aspired to get onto the property ladder, make 2014 the year that it happens. We do the hard work for you and will ensure that you have the right cover for your investment. Do things properly- pick up the phone and call us today.