Directors & Officers

We live in an increasingly regulated world and the risk of incurring personal liability has risen dramatically. No longer tailored to meet the needs of multinationals, we offer a range of policies specifically designed for small to medium sized enterprises

Directors & Officers are considered to have a duty of care, to make informed decisions, perform in good faith and act in the best interests of their company. By simply carrying out everyday duties, Directors expose themselves to potential lawsuits, investigations and criminal prosecutions.

It is a common misconception that Directors & Officers are protected by the 'shield' of limited liability. Director's personal liabilities are UNLIMITED and the legal costs of defending an action or indeed the cost of any award made can be devastating,  putting all their personal assets including their home and savings at risk.

Our Directors & Officers Liability policies are designed to meet the legal costs of defending any claim and, where appropriate, any final settlement or compensation awarded.

Who needs directors and officers?

  • Private Limited Companies
  • Non Profit Organisations
  • Residents Management Associations
  • Pension Trustees

Common risk factors

  • Incorrect financial management
  • Breaches of Company Law
  • Data Protection
  • Environmental Issues
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Health & Safety at Work
  • Employment Issues
  • Breaches of Tax Law

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