Public & Employers Liability Claims Form

For when you have suffered a loss or sustained damage to your property.

Employers liability — injury to an employee

  • Powell Commercial should be provided with copies of any internal report forms involving injury to any employee, especially where you believe that a claim will be forthcoming
  • No promise of compensation should be made and the question of liability should not be discussed
  • In the event of a formal claim being received, it may then be necessary for you to complete an Employers’ Liability Report Form for your Insurer, which should be sent to Powell Commercial
  • In addition, further documentation may be requested and it may prove prudent to compile copies of the following: the F2508 (RIDDOR report); accident report book; training records; earning details; photographs of accident location; witness statements; confirmation of the employee’s absence and the date they resumed, or shall resume, their normal duties
  • Any communication or request for information from the employee or their legal representative should not be acknowledged but sent immediately to Powell Commercial.
  • If at any time it becomes necessary for solicitors to be instructed on your behalf, your Insurer will usually arrange this for you.

Public liability — Injury or damage to the property of others

  • A Public Liability Claim Form should be completed and submitted to Powell Commercial for all incidents involving injury to a third party or damage to their property, regardless of whether or not a formal claim has been intimated to you.
  • Compile any relevant documentation, such as an accident report book (if an entry has been made), witness statements, etc.
  • Liability should not be accepted, this is for insurers to decide and any subsequent correspondence should not be acknowledged but sent immediately to Powell Commercial.
  • In relation to both Employers and Public Liability claims, it can prove beneficial to identify the individuals within your organisation best able to assist Insurers with on-site investigations and those with the authority to discuss / accept liability on your behalf.

Any claim must be reported immediately and all associated correspondence made available to Insurers without delay.